Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Estee Lauder Haul

I've been wanting to talk about my Estee Lauder haul for quite awhile now. I bought these in Melbourne about three months ago, so I might be quite late in reviewing these for you girls. The item I initially got from the store was the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Shadow Creme. I first heard about them from FrmHeadToToe and I was interested in finding out if they were worth the price. I tested them out on my hand and I only came back the next day to purchase. I must say I very much impressed. It stayed on for about 8 hours and it's also waterproof. 

I only wanted two colours at first, Silver Leaf and Antique Gold. And it turns out that they discontinued Silver Leaf, devastating really. So by recommendation by the nice salesgirl, I got  DW SC24 Mochacino, DW SC04 Antique Gold and DW CS06 Ivory Lace. And with three of the eyeshadows, I get a free Pure Color Eyeshadow palette, and a few other mini samples. SUPER HAPPY!

Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette, DW SCs, Night Repair Advanced Night Repair, Advanced Night Repair Eye,  Pleasures Perfume

Back (L-R) - Mochacino and Antique Gold
Front: Ivory Lace
 The Mochacino is a really nice base colour to use as a base for neutral looks. I am currently IN LOVE with it!! I am realaly thankful to the salesgirl who recommended it. It helps my eyeshadow last longer too and it's a really nice base colour when I use my Naked palette.

Ivory Lace, I tend to use it more as a eyebrow bone highlighter and the inner corner of my eyes to brighten up the entire look. But lately I've been using it as a base because of it creaminess. And I use it for brighter look so that colours would show up better.

Antique Gold is a colour I've been wanting to get before I bought the rest but I somehow fell out of love with it. I still like it but not as hyped as I was before. It has a coppery colour instead of the gold I was really looking for.

Overall, I'm very much impressed with the eyeshadow creams. However, they are shimmery. So for those who are looking for a matte base, this might not be it. But I would really recommend this if they are looking for a nice eyeshadow base that lasts for a really long time. Did I mention it's waterproof? =D

Antique Gold, Ivory Lace, Mochacino
Look at the shimmer! 
 Getting a palette for free, I was totally into this deal! The Pure Color Eyeshadow palette consist of 8 shadows and one Estee Lauder Signature Silky Blush. It comes with a blush brush and an eyeshadow applicator.

Pure Color Eyeshadow and Signature Silky Powder Blush

Back: 30 Sugar Cube, 01 Pink Flash
Front: 48 Silver Bell, 09 Amethyst Spark
Back: 79 Summer Linen, 13 Tranquil Moon
Front: 63 Tempting Mocha, 23 Berry Burst
Blush: 23 Fresh Plum
They aren't as pigmented as I would like them to be but I would say that the choice of colour for the palette is really really wonderful. I am totally in love with Amethyst Spark, Tranquil Moon and Berry Burst! They have a smooth feeling but like I said, not as pigmented. I would have to pack up on a lot of the shadow to get a really nice colour. I've swatched them for you using no primer at all.

Blush, Berry Burst, Tempting Mocha, Tranquil Moon, Summer Linen,
Amethyst Spark, Silver Bell, Pink Flash, Sugar Cube

With flash
 The Advanced Night repair series is pretty well known. The company has been campaigning it for quite a while now. And I must say with the samples I got, I finally get to test them out! I applied them everynight using a really small amount to pat all over my face. The next day I would usually feel really moisturized and my skin is able to sink any moisturizers I have faster and smoother. It has a really thick and concentrated texture so small drops would suffice for your entire face.

Last but not least, I got a mini perfume bottle called Pleasures. And I don't own EDPs cause they usually are too strong for me but I was really surprised with this one. It's not sweet, it's really fresh and it has a blend of floral scents. I checked on their website and it was a blend of Lilies, Peonies, Jasmine and Bale Rose. It seems sophisticated and classy. It's something I would wear to dinner parties or events that requires you to dress up. I really like this scent.

Well, I have more coming up! I have tons of stuff to review and maybe one of these days I'll film a tutorial for an upcoming holiday look! =D

Toodles with love,

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