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Sigma Brushes review

Decided to do a review on I use when I put my make up on! SIGMA BRUSHES!!!! Ever since I bought them, I never looked back. The one I bought was the 12 Brush Kit Make Me Blush Set. It comes in a super super cute box and it's for US$109.00. Which means RM350++. Yes, it is expensive but I would consider this as an asset. =D

The brushes came into a hardcover container which makes it durable and useful!

It make look small in the picture, but let me give you a slight idea of how big it was. I had no idea it would be that big when I purchased it. When I received the package and opened it, I was surprised. 

Perfect for travel I say! Keep them in shape and in one container. Acting as two brush holders is a plus! 

So 12 piece set. I'm going to review every single brush for you if you're interested in getting individual brushes instead of a set. Here we go!

Face Brushes
1. F30 Large Powder Brush

Super dense with a round top, made out of natural bristles. It's meant for applying powder on the face or body. I use it for applying loose powder to set my make up and also to blend out my blusher and bronzer so they don't look too harsh. 

Super dense and round top! The biggest brush in the set

2. F50 Duo Fibre

A blend of synthetic and natural bristles and also known as the stippling brush, it is designed to have an airbrush effect when applying liquid foundation. I haven't used it for applying foundation, but I have used it for putting highlight shades on my cheekbones. It works wonderfully that way too!

3. F40 Large Angled Contour Brush

It's not pink on the top. Forgive me, I didn't wash the brush after using to put on my blusher (>.<). Since it's angled, it's much much easier to put your blusher or bronzer onto your cheeks. Made out of natural bristles, it's super soft. My FAVOURITE brush among the face brushes. 

A year ago, I bought the ELF angled contoured brush. There were so many reviews on it saying it was so soft and it worked wonderfully on them. However, I was totally disappointed with it. It was rough and it was scratchy on my face and it didn't pick up much blusher or bronzer. I really didn't bother using it after the second time. 

See how different the bristles look compared to the Sigma brush? It looks so painful just looking at it. I can feel the prickling. AH!!! 

4. F60 Foundation Brush

Synthetic bristles, so it's suitable for applying liquid or cream foundation. I've use it for applying BB cream all over my face and it evens out nicely every time. It doesn't leave any creases or lines when evening the cream out. Love!

5. F70 Concealer Brush

Also like the foundation brush, it's made out of synthetic brushes. Suitable for applying concealer to cover those imperfections evenly. With a rounded top, I use it to conceal under the eye area. What's more to say about this awesome brush?

Eye Brushes
6. E60 Large Shader Brush

It looks like a mini foundation brush but with natural bristles. You can use it to apply primers on your eyes or just use it as a normal brush to apply eye shadow. I've only used it for applying eye shadow, it doesn't pack up on the colour as much as I would like it to, but it does work fine.

7. E55 Eye Shading Brush

This brush however, packs up on colour when applying eye shadow. I am in love with this brush. Made out of natural bristles as well and it's short and dense, no wonder it's ideal for applying eye shadow on the eyelids. Beautiful!

8. E70 Medium Angled Shading Brush

With its angle and a tapered edge, it's perfect for applying darker eye shadow at the crease or outter corners of the eye to allow more depth to the colours. I've used it also to highlight the brow bone. Works perfectly fine for me!

9. E40 Tapered Blending Brush

With a tapered and rounded top, it's loosely packed which makes it suitable to blend out the colours and soften harsh edges to create a more natural looking eye. However, it's not as tapered as I would have liked it. Earlier I bought a blending brush from a NYX reseller (check them out, they're super friendly and their products are cheap too! I enjoyed their service a lot), and I preferred their brush over the Sigma one. Sharper edge and it kind of densely packed so it blends out colour faster. 

NYX blending brush

10. E30 Pencil Brush

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BRUSH! I have eyed on this brush for a pretty long time since it was so useful. With such a small and sharp head, it is ideal for applying colour on the crease precisely, blending the colours on the outter corner of the eye. I've also used it to apply colour on the bottom lash line since it doesnt have a very large tip.

11. E05 Eyeliner Brush

It's made out of synthetic bristles. Perfect for putting on gel eyeliner. I don't own a gel liner, but I plan to! So I haven't tried this brush out yet! But by the looks of it, since it's extra fined tip, it should make the application of the liner very precise.

12. E65 Small Angle Brush

Also perfect for applying gel liner on the top and bottom lash line. But I've used it for filling out my eyebrows. It works fine for it!

Sigma decided to throw in an extra brush, how kind of them! It's a mini travel size blending brush.

 13. E25 Blending Brush

Tapered like the tapered blending brush. It's just shorter bristles and a flatter top compared to the E40 tapered blending brush. Super soft and perfect for just blending out colours!

 Woah! It's a long post this one! I would say that I wouldn't be investing in anymore brushes for the time being. All these are just good enough for the job. And I ordered them in Coral (such a girl colour), so no way I'll be replacing them anytime soon!

Hope you girls are having an awesome weekend.

Signing out with love,

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