Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Essential hair serum

Greetings lovelies! Here, I'm going to introduce my face and being it the first time, I have no make up on me! And also, forgive my camwhoring skills for I have none and thus hopefully, making improvements on them! 

So, a friend of mine introduced this product to me and she's told me all the wonderful things about this product and I decided to test it out. I'm going to introduce a hair product I've been using over a year now. It has helped me out with my frizzy hair and made it more manageable. I am in love with this product. After a year of experience and tests, I think it's high time I let you know what transformed my hair . 

New packaging
The brand is Essential but this product is called Rich Premier Hair Essence. It's a japanese product and it's under the Kao company. They've produced Liese, Asience and Biore, so Essential is just another line but it's not available in Malaysia unfortunately. You can purchase it in any of the Watson's store in Singapore, or order it online at I bought mine in Singapore for S$9.90 or S$10.90, I can't really remember. I bought the entire Hair Care line actually, the shampoo, conditioner and the hair mask, but I will do more reviews on that later. Just want to concentrate on this one first!

After washing my hair, my hair is still a little messy when it dries. You can usually use the hair essence when your hair is still wet or after it dries, I prefer to use it when it dries. 

See how frizzy and messy it is? That's my hair even after I comb it. Ah, I don't feel good if my hair sticks out everywhere! 

So I usually take about 3 to 4 pumps of the hair essence and I evenly spread it out on my palms and comb it through my hair, concentrating on the last 15cm. Compared to the previous leave on conditioners I've tested the past years, the texture of this product is creamier and thicker and more concentrated. It contains High Purity Honey Oil and cuticle repair essence, so it coats the hair cuticles leaving it super soft and shiny, making it look healthy! 

Scruch it up!

Make sure you use up all the product on your hand, don't waste the goodness of it! 

AHHH! My hair looks much much better now doesn't it? It's neater, more manageable and it looks pretty good without me needing to style it. I've been using the product for over a year now, so I don't think I can find a better replacement for now. I've tried others as well during the year but I somehow just come back to this cause I can use it anywhere and anytime! You can check the Kao website for more technical details if I haven't really convinced you enough. =D 

That's all for now! I'll talk to you guys next time. 

Toodles with love, 

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