Saturday, February 4, 2012

USA Haul

Greetings once again! Back with more lovely cosmetics to share with all of you! I ordered these about two months back and I finally got all of them, so here it goes! 

First of all, hitting it off with the Wet and Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Collection Palettes! I asked my friend to get anything she could find cause one, I was undecided about which palette to buy, two, most of them were sold out. The Collection palettes seemed to be a better choice anyway, two looks in one palette, that's good! I was honestly very excited about these babies because almost all the Youtubers had them and there was just so much hype about it. 

So I got all three palettes which are Petal Pusher (purples), Comfort Zone (browns), and Blue Had Me At Hello (blues). They all come with a double ended sponge and brush and they each cost me about RM 16, which I thought was amazingly cheap compared to the normal drugstore palettes we pay for in Malaysia. 

Let the swatches begin!
W&W 736 Petal Pusher
A-D belongs to the left column and E-H belongs to the right
A - a slight pinkish white
B - shimmery lilac
C - satiny dark purple
D - shimmery medium purple
E - sheer baby pink
F - brownish purple with pink shimmers
G - heavy dark brown undertone with red shimmers
H - black with fine glitter

W&W 738 Comfort Zone

A - very light champagne colour
B - medium satiny copper
C - shimmery copper colour
D - dark brown undertone with pink shimmers
E - satiny moccha taupe-ish
F - shimmery olive green
G - shimmery greyish brown
H - brown duochrome with slight green

W&W 737 Blue Had Me At Hello

A - shimmery pearl white
B - shimmery silver
C - black undertone with blue shimmers
D - matte-ish black (it has very very fine shimmers but it comes out mostly matte like)
E - satiny slight mint green
F - bright satiny turquoise
G - blue duochrome with grey
H - black with glitter

The colours were fairly well pigmented and it had a really nice texture, pretty impressive for a really affordable drug store cosmetic. I was just really irritated at all the 'A' colours. I didn't like the texture one bit, it was like dusty and the colour just did not turn up well, not even on my eyelids. The rest were just wonderful. Overall, I really like the palettes! I've been using a lot of the Comfort Zone palette and it's slowly working it's way up to be favourite. Nothing can beat my Urban Decay Naked Palette though.

Next up, Benefit products! I don't think we need an introduction over here. I got Pore-fessional and That Gal, two of the best selling items within the brand. I know we have Benefit in Malaysia but I didn't want to get them over here cause I could get it for a cheaper price in US. I paid US$29 (RM 96) for each of the products instead of RM 129.

The picture says it all. It minimizes the appearance of your pores. So say hello to flawless complexion! A small bit goes a long way so I don't use much. I only use them on certain areas anyway like the nose and the inner cheeks where my pores are most horrible looking. I pat them on and blend them. It has a very nice matte feeling and it keeps the oil control, which I love!

It's a brightening face primer. I first tried this in Melbourne. The Benefit salesgirl insisted on putting this on me and well, it was free so, what the heck. Ever since then, I just knew I had to get it. It brightened the whole face up and it acts as a primer. You can wear it alone or under your make up or over your make up! This is beautiful! I don't regret purchasing this at all. It keeps the oil controlled as well!

My final products for today are my Tarte Amazonian Clay Long-wear Blush. I first saw this on FrmHeadToToe, Jen was just going on about this blush and how amazed she was at this, you can check out her haul video here. I was looking for new and natural looking blushes anyway, so since my friend was there I got two blushes! One in Tipsy and another in Exposed. Both US$25 (RM 83) each, yes pricy I know. But honestly, I don't know if I was somehow influenced by Jen but honestly, ONE OF THE BEST BLUSHES I'VE EVER OWNED.

Tipsy and Exposed
Tipsy and Exposed

Tipsy is a very coral pinkish colour, perfect for spring or summer looks. It has that nice, well, tipsy colour. Exposed is a very natural colour, good for natural looks to give the cheeks a nice glow or a light tan. Both colours are matte, which I prefer because it just looks more natural in the daytime. The blushes are supposedly to last for 12 hours. I didn't test it for THAT long but I will say that they do last throughout my day. My favourite one is Exposed and I think it's going to be pretty difficult to put it down to use other blushers cause it just looks so natural and healthy. Favourite blush of all time, hands down.

So I hoped you like the post! I'll be back with more items to come.

Toodles with love,

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