Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentine's Day

I'm all about I'm all about making gifts for my S.O. So this Valentine's Day is no different. There is just so much satisfaction at the end of making something, and it just means a lot more to the person. Material gifts are lovely, and I don't mind receiving them at all, but I personally LOVE dipping my toes into my creative puddle (which is hardly ever exists unless it comes to gift making). 

So I got a tree stencil and a couple stencil from Pinterest. Back in the day, there was no pinterest, so it was much harder to find really nice stencils without paying for them. So I joined the two and printed them out and traced them onto a thick black colour paper. After that, I slowly took my time to cut them out with my trusty blade. 

The tree was pretty delicate, but with years of practice, this was pretty easy compared to the other stuff I have completed. 


 So here is how it looks like with the white background.

After spraying some adhesive glue on the cut outs, I stuck them on a piece of A4 sized white mounting board. The next few steps took a lot of my time and I would say those were probably the most time consuming steps I had to go through in the whole process. I cut out 2 other frames out of different coloured mounting boards (one cream and one blue) to layer on top of the base. The measuring was pretty much what took up a lot of time. 

But the most tedious part of the whole thing, wasn't even cutting the branches. It was cutting tiny hearts from red coloured paper and sticking them onto the base. The hearts were so tiny and to stick them, I used tiny cut ups of double-sided tape. 

But it's pretty worth it when I finished. It turned out better than expected. I wasn't too sure if I should have added more hearts or less, but I am quite happy with the result.

I've always thought roses were overrated, but that changed when he got them for me. Only because he didn't realise peonies were only in season for two weeks in a year in Melbourne. LOL. Well, it doesn't really matter what flowers he buys, it's just that thought that counts, am I right ladies? They're still beautiful though. 

How was your Valentine's?

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