Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review: Laniege Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack

I've been a fan of Laniege's Water Sleeping Pack for many years now. I decided to switch it up a bit since I wanted a mask that I could rinse off before I put on my products. Since I love the Sleeping Pack, I decided to just try the Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack.

The packaging is the same as the Sleeping Pack, a sturdy plastic tub except this is in Pink! And of course with Laniege, they provide you with a spatula for hygiene purposes.

So this pack contains Sogurty, which is a specialized fermented yogurt which promotes collagen synthesis and enhances defence ability of skin from harmful external causes to leave skin healthier and firmer. Its antiiflammatory effects also soothes skin from skin troubles, which means it'll help some of my break outs. It's supposed to soften and clear dead skin cells as well because it exfoliates the skin without you doing any of the exfoliating.

I have been warned about the super sweet smell of the yogurt. It couldn't be that sweet right I thought to myself. Oh boy, I am wrong. The moment I smelt this, I just felt like dipping my finger in and licking it. It smells EXACTLY like strawberry flavoured Pocky! It really does smell delicious. If you're not a really big fan of sweet stuff, then you might wanna pass on this.

The texture is like yogurt. A soft, satin, creamy consistency, making it really easy to spread it all over your face. Having this on my face felt kind of weird. Had to keep reminding myself not to lick the side of my mouth. It was a little oily too, but I'm pretty sure it was just the pack itself. 10 minutes later, I washed it off thoroughly with warm water. Be thorough, because it's really thick, it feels exactly like putting yogurt on your face. My skin did feel soft and smooth. I don't feel refreshed or anything like that cause it doesn't really have a cooling effect? But my skin still feels good, better than not putting on a mask you know? If you do want it to have a cooling effect, I suggest you put your products in a fridge then. I don't cause if I do, I'll forget about the product. Hah. My skin however, feels really moisturized. It does exfoliate the skin I guess! Pretty darn impressed. What I usually do is after the pack, I carry out with my nightly routine and put on the Sleeping Pack. It gives an extra oomph I guess?

I've been using this for about 2 months now, twice each week and I can't say it has made as big of an impact as compared to what the Water Sleeping Pack has done for me (Talking about them individually). I love using it don't get me wrong. My skin didn't break out or anything, my skin feels moisturized. I'm not complaining. But I think pairing them together produced much better results.

One tub is probably going to last you for a long time since each time you use it, you're just going to use about 2.5cm diameters. Would I repurchase it? Maybe. We'll see as I have a long way to go. I got mine from Qoo10 at $23.90.

Talk to y'all soon! <3

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