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Natural ingredients for masks

So many good responses from my friends about the my last post on my skin care routine and it really makes me happy when you guys send me a message and telling me that you've followed my routine! =') I'll definitely be doing more posts on skin cares since there were good responses!

Masks for the face is probably one of the steps in your skin care routine! Lately, I've been into just making my own masks because I like the idea of using natural ingredients. I figured it would be cheaper anyway cause you can eat them after that if you're not going to use them for the skin, or the other way round, you can use them for your skin since you're not going to eat them. Lol. So I'm here to tell you what ingredients I use to make my masks!

1. Avocado

It's rich with vitamin E and everybody knows that vitamin E is very good for the skin. If it has vitamin E, it will definitely have moisturizing properties in it. Avocado has also antioxidants, which is also good for the skin, so that's another plus point to use it. It will sooth any redness on your skin as well. It's just basically very good for moisturizing the skin.

What I do:
I usually use half of an avocado at a time.  It definitely would be better to blend it to make it into a thick puree, but since I don't own a blender, I mash them with my fork.

2. Lemon

Filled with Vitamin C and citric acid, it can be used to whiten your skin. It helps in diminishing scars from acne, pigmentation or age spots. It works as a mild skin peel because of the citric acid, so it does help exfoliate the skin in a way. It removes the dead skin cells and leaves you skin brighter and smoother. Don't use too much or it can really dry up the skin and irritate it. It does sting the skin a little, so if you have sensitive skin, I suggest you add a little water.

What I do:
Half a lemon, remove the seeds and squeeze! Half a lemon is actually more than enough cause any more than that, your skin will sting. Trust me, I've been there.

3. Oatmeal

Yes, I'm a super big fan of oatmeal, I even use it in my normal skin care routine! It moisturizes the skin and it acts as a gentle exfoliator, removing the dead skin cells. Whitening of the skin is another benefit of using oatmeal. The plus point about oatmeal is it has anti-inflammatory properties so it helps reduce the redness, perfect for sensitive skin. I just found out that oatmeal contains saponins, a cleansing agent, so yes you can use it for a cleanser! It helps treat acne, eczema and rashes too!

What I do:
I run them under water and mash them, making them into a soft paste. Don't drain the milky water away, cause they are what that makes oatmeal wonderful for the skin. You can just throw in oatmeal without running it under water, but it is a little harsh on the skin and I prefer my method.

4. Yogurt

Another moisturizing ingredient! Since yogurt contains protein, it leaves your skin soft and supple after applying it. The lactic acid in it helps exfoliate the skin gently and the calcium helps your skin regenerate faster, leaving your skin glowing, don't you just love that? It also contains zinc, it they say that it helps reduce the redness which automatically makes it a whitening agent to me, I'm not too sure about the zinc but it does help with the redness. With all the vitamin Bs in yogurt, it can help aid acne. Oh, yogurt is soothing so it does help if you've got a sunburn.

What I do:
2 tablespoons of original yogurt. Don't buy the flavored ones! Just add it into your bowl or blender.

5. Olive oil

There is so much to olive oil than just using it for your pasta. One, it moisturizes. You can even use it to help with the stretch marks (I haven't tried using it for this purpose, but when I get more concerned about it) and acne scars. Two, you can even use it on other parts of your body. On your lips to prevent chapping, use it to soften your hands (the best way, I say a few table spoons into water and soak), and you can even strengthen your nails! Three, it's a make up remover! Think about it, most make up removers have oils, so we're just replacing this with natural oil. Haha.

What I do:
2 tablespoons would suffice.

6. Eggs

But what we want actually is the egg white. I think most of us know that egg whites is one of the most natural way to tighten up those pores and firm the skin. It really does work, I could feel my skin tightening up and it was so difficult to smile that I thought my face was going to crack.

What I do:
Crack the egg into two and separate the egg white. Keep the yolk and cook it, don't waste!

7. Aloe Vera

Yes I know it's disgusting, it's slimy and sticky but it's all worth it. Cooling, meaning it has anti-inflammatory properties and it works great as a moisturizer. It's generally perfect for oily skin because aloe vera gel doesn't leave a greasy feeling. Aloe vera has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria, making it suitable to treat acne. You can use aloe vera for treating burns (I know I burnt my palm and aloe vera treated it nicely, very soothing and cooling). With Vitamin C and E in it, it can help firm up the skin and help regenerate new skin cells! I hardly use aloe vera now cause I can't seem to find them anywhere here, but when I do head back to Malaysia, that's when I start using it. Just need to cut it from the garden.

What I do:
Skin the aloe vera and squeeze out the gel. Or, just throw the whole thing into your blender.

8. Cucumber

One of my favorite ingredients to use for my eyes and the skin. It helps with the swelling and the dark circles around the eyes, and with it being cool, it can relax your skin in a jiffy. I heard it's good to squeeze a little cucumber juice into your eyes too, but I've never tested it out. Apparently cucumber has the same level of hydrogen as our skin which makes it easier to mask out the problem areas. Cucumbers will soot hen and smoothen your skin, leaving it happy, radiant and glowing.

What I do:
Cut them up for eye pads. And the rest, you can just take the juice out by using a juicer or just mash or blend the entire thing.

9. Rice water

You've heard of SK-II, you've heard the word "Pitera". I personally haven't tried SK-II but I don't need it cause I can just get it from washing my rice. I do realize that rice water helps tighten up the pores and makes my skin smoother and softer. I don't know if it helps with dry skin but I've heard people saying that it does. Pitera revitalizes the skin's natural glow and makes your skin clear.

What I do:
Wash my rice and pour the water into a container and close it with a lid and refrigerate it. I usually use it on the day itself, I've never kept it overnight before. But from what I heard, 2 days max in the fridge. If it stinks, it has to go. Add it into your masks or you can just use it to wash your face or just use it by itself as a mask.

So these are the ingredients which I usually mix into my masks. Or you can use them individually and it gives you amazing results. The best thing about these ingredients are they aren't just for your face, you can use them for your hair too to make it healthy and shining.

Mix and match, depending on what you want. I don't add all of them into one masks cause with so many ingredients, I don't think my face is enough to finish it all. So mix and match, use them individually, have fun!

When I finish mashing the ingredients together, I like putting it in the fridge for about half an hour for it to cool so it feels good on the skin. Leave the masks on for about 20-30 minutes till it dries and rinse it off with warm water. Pat your face dry and just admire how your skin feels and looks.

So I've been making my own masks for about 5 months now, and I must say it's better than any of the masks I bought in stores. I would definitely prefer natural ingredients over chemicals. Have fun my dear readers, and just make your own masks!

DISCLAIMER: I am no skin specialist. I did my own research on what ingredients to use and all these ingredients were what I tested to use for my masks. Any allergies from the ingredients applies when you're using them to make a mask. You know your skin best, so if you know which ingredient works best for you, work with it.

Good luck! 

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