Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: Mizon Snail Cream

With the very first post of the new year, number one resolution on my list is to update this blog more often with more awesome products!

Very first thoughts when I first read about snail creams (if you follow me on twitter, you would have seen all my rambles on it): 
- Ew. 
- Why snail? 
- Koreans, why must you find creepy things to put on your face? YOUR FACE? 
- I want to test it! Snail slime! 
- Who's bright idea was it to put a snail on the face? 
- That person must now be rich and having awesome skin. 

And after reading on how this idea developed:

- Oh, a couple of snail farmers noticed their cuts healed faster and their skin was soften after handling snails. Oh, that's nice. 
- oh right, escargot. 

After researching, I found out that snail creams have been around in korea for about a year already. And after several reviews on different types of brands, I decided on Mizon because it seemed to have the highest concentration of snail mucin (92%) and reviews were pretty positive on the results. Other brands like Tony Moly seemed to be quite good as well but it was mainly for cold climates cause it was very creamy. I was basically sold when Mizon had the highest concentration of snail extract amongst the other brands. 

I got it on G Market for about USD$26.89. The one I got was a All in one snail repair cream 75ml. The pictures show that it's filled up to the brink but it isn't. Oh well. I know they are meant for illustration purposes only. 

I was really excited to use it even though some of my friends were grossed out by it. The cream was definitely sticky. It has a slight smell, but nothing pungent, or overpowering. I just didn't like how it's in a tub, I don't find it very hygienic. Though it's made out of glass, making it seem quite professional, nice move Mizon. So what I do is I shake the tub so some cream gets stuck to the lid, and I use the product from there instead of digging my fingers in.

Day 1: Skin feels soft and hydrated. I hope this continues.

Day 2: Breaking out a little. Read that it might happen. Hopefully my skin gets better with it removing the toxins from the skin and all. Im going to let it do it's thing.

Day 3: Breakouts are healing!!!

Day 4: I've never seen a pimple heal so fast. 2 days? So awesome. Maybe I breaking out because of the late nights.

Day 5: Breaking out some more. I don't know if it's the late night sleeping or the cream. Sigh.

So after that I decided to stop. For some reason my skin started getting really dry and it started peeling. I knew it wasn't the cream but the dry weather but I just wanted to make sure my skin heals by itself first. I tried it again but my skin was breaking out, but then again I couldn't tell if it was the cream or exam stress. So I gave it to my friend to try it out. After a week, I saw her again and her skin was amazing. It was glowing and I asked if what she did. She said taping the cream onto the skin instead of massaging it in works better for absorption. But she also used masks in between.

My skin healed. Exams were over. I knew that if any problems arise, it was definitely the cream. I followed my friend's routine. Tapping it in, using My Beauty Diary masks, and just generally followed my skin routine.

After 2 weeks, I finally saw results. It was amazing!!! Results were amazing! My skin didn't break out at all. It looked fantastic in the morning, evening, all day. Even my mom said it was glowing. It looked healthy and plump every morning. Scars were healing faster, my skin looked smoother and fairer, and when pimpled came, they healed within 2 or 3 days together with my medications.


No make up. Just natural face. Not photoshopped. You can definitely see the difference. Smoother skin, fairer for some reason (maybe of the different hair color), less scars, less pimples. I don't even get oily on the T-zone anymore. My skin became dry and it's much harder to take care of but the snail cream has made it easier for me to manage.

Snail creams does wonders. I LOVE IT. A definite repurchase for me. =D

I wish all of you a Happy New Year and may 2013 bring you happiness, health and prosperity. I love you all.


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