Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence

I've been wanting to give Innisfree a shot since I've been hearing about so many wonderful products they have. Plus, Yoona is the ambassador, I kinda got sucked in.

First product I decided to purchase was the Soybean Energy Essence. I've been looking for something to use in the morning since I don't really want to use my Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum during the day.

It says that the essence is made of 91% of fermented Jeju's indigenous green beans which helps to create healthy and vital skin. Other ingredients include, Japanese apricot extract, oat kernel extract, lotus extract, adenosine. Adenosine helps with preventing wrinkles, increases blood flow to the outer layer of the skin which will then improve damage repair and cell volume resulting in a fuller appearance (RGCell Time Slip Solutions, 2012). And apart from that, I don't see any signs of paraben! A plus!

It's a pretty small bottle, I thought it would be much bigger after reading several reviews and the pictures on Qoo10 misled me to think that it was a pretty big glass bottle. When it came in the mail, I was surprised to see the packaging LOOKED like it was glass but it was actually a plastic bottle. I think it's perfect for traveling though.

The essence had a really faint, sweet smell. A few drops onto your hands or cotton pad would suffice for your entire face. I usually like patting products directly onto my face instead of putting them on a cotton pad cause I feel it's wasting the product. Sorta sticky, like how an essence/serum would normally be. I would then continue with my creams and everything else after.

I didn't notice anything within the first few days. I broke out though after 2 weeks. A little history on my skin, I break out easily. I wasn't too sure if it was the stressful period during exams or it was my menstrual cycle or the food. I decided to stop using it for a bit. One month later, I started using it again  for about 2 to 3 weeks. And...I broke out again. I stopped again and I stopped breaking out. Yeah, it was probably the cause of my break out.

I was quite disappointed though. I really liked it. The consistency, smell and everything else. And reading so many other reviews about this, they all loved it. Maybe I'll try it again but I'm currently testing out other products, which I can't wait to share it with all of you!

Korea Depart is selling it for $33.48 for the 150ml whereas Qoo10 is selling for $19.80 for 80ml.



  1. It broke me out big time too after using it for a week or 2 :( they say its the purging process n it will eventually heal, not sure abt it but I m keeping my fingers crossed n I really wanna like this product :/ gonna Ty their volcanic pore essence anyway.

    1. Im now actually using it again, but with a different method. I put a few drops onto cotton pads and spray some of Avene Thermal Spring Water spray all over the cotton pad, stretch the pads out and put it over my skin for about 10-15 minutes. It acts as a short mask session. I have found that it doesnt break out my skin as bad. I do this probably 2 times a week, usually in the morning. Perhaps you can try that out? Let me know how it works out for you in the end. xoxo

    2. Hi! Sorry for really really really late replies 😅. I must say that I can't find any other way to use this product, it seems like I m not suitable with either fermented or soybean products 😢
      I don't wanna use it anywhere on my face anymore, breakouts got more worst everytime I use it, maybe I might just use it on my neck n finish up d half bottle & never repurchasing it ever again.
      Seems like my skin also had improved ever since I stop using it. I m ok with other innisfree product though, I m currently using their perfect 9 repair skin, serum & cream 😊