Friday, November 28, 2014

Melbourne's Night Noodle Markets 2014

Night Noodle Markets were back again and this time it was so much bigger! And honestly, I only went again this time because I thought it was a lovely activity for a date and I just wanted pictures of the lanterns. 

Last year, I went when stores were kind of closing and it was a rainy day I remember, so it was pretty muddy. Plus, when I went there weren't many stores around. But this time round, the Markets decided on a new location, Birrarung Marr, not very far off from the original one really. There were more than 50 stalls serving Asian food over three levels. This year was so much bigger, livelier and so much more crowded. The lines for food were ridiculous. I couldn't even get the chicken skewers that my friends were recommending about. More like I didn't have the patience for it. Heh. Prices were a tad expensive too, but I guess it's for the experience. 

The panda balloons were at certain places. I couldn't figure out what they were indicating but my guess was for toilets. 

I ended up lining up for Chin Chin and got almost everything from the menu (because I just didn't want to line up for anything else). 45 dollars for 3 dishes plus Chilli popcorn. The popcorn was the closest I could get to Caramel popcorn, till to this day I don't understand why Australia doesn't sell it in the cinemas. 

Food was splendid and I really enjoyed the entire time I was there. My friends got some Gelato from Messina for me. I forgot to take pictures of it and the rest of my food because I was uh, a little impatient and hungry by then. Maybe next year, I'll go earlier with more friends so we can gather more food. 


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