Thursday, December 25, 2014

Review: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream

My second Innisfree product I'll be reviewing! I bought this the same time as I did with the Innisfree Soybean Extract Essence, and this was during early spring. Weather was still cold back then and I was looking for something to moisturize my super dry skin. But since summer is here, I hope this product still works for me.

I think Innisfree definitely beats the crowd in terms of packaging. And I LOVE packaging! Because Innisfree runs based on a philosophy of using only eco-friendly containers, the box they used is recyclable paper! The tub is recyclable too! Super proud of this company and what it's doing for the environment.

Innisfree believes in using natural products so this one is 100% organic green tea water from Jeju. And it's supposed to provide excellent moisturizing and anti-oxidant effects on your skin.

This cream has a wonderful scent to it. It's my favourite scent among my skin care range, and it really makes you feel really relaxed. It's texture is almost velvety, making it non-sticky making it really easy and enjoyable to apply to your skin. It really made my skin soft immediately too. The cream's consistency is kind of light but heavy as well, I don't make sense I know. Light as in your skin absorbs this really easily but heavy at the same time because it's really moisturizing. Although, I only use this at night because it seems too thick for the day especially when sunny days are ahead where my skin tends to get oily. However, during the early spring, I was still using it during the day.

My skin feels really moisturized and I haven't been experiencing any dryness or flaking. I feel like my skin has even cleared up a bit since using this. Mind you, I am still using my snail cream together with this. I must admit that this broke me out at first, but after awhile it went away and I'm really enjoying using the cream.

You can get it from Korea Depart at $19.13 or Qoo10 at $19.80 for 50ml, which is pretty reasonable for a cream seeing how it'll last you for 4 to 5 months.

Also, Merry Christmas guys!!!! Toodles.

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